Kira Stokes' personal training is customized to the specific needs of the individual client. Personal means personal. In keeping with Kira’s philosophy of keeping the body guessing and in a constant state of confusion in order to build and change, each workout is designed to achieve maximum results for the individual client.

Kira Stokes is available for personal training in NY exclusively in private homes and private gyms. Contact Kira for more information on personal training.


Powerful, athletic, intense, form focused...body-changing, soul soothing workouts. Created by celebrity trainer Kira Stokes, the Stoked Series is based upon the principle of muscle confusion, flow and progression of movement. The Series is comprised of unique and challenging classes which complement one another, build off each other and keep the body guessing. The result...a lean, strong, STOKED body. Prepare to "shock it to rock it" and become addicted to the workouts and after-burn that have been shaping bodies for over 17 years. Get Ready...Get your classes and GET STOKED!

Kira is honored to have been chosen as the celebrity brand partner for BFX Studio


Stokes' flagship workout, this high intensity, 75 minute total body assault will leave no muscle untouched. Not for the faint of heart, this form focused, action packed, thoughtful workout relies heavily on creative progression of movement to challenge the body in an effective, safe, intelligent format. Each block of strength, cardio and core work is carefully choreographed and placed strategically within the session with specific results in mind. FYI... intervals of jumping rope are considered "rest" time. Get Focused... Get Fierce... GET STOKED 360 degrees around. See Class Schedule below

Kira Stokes - Class Schedule Featured Image

Stoked C3BarreMAX™

This super athletic alternative to a traditional barre class combines intense CORE focused movements, with endurance based CONDITIONING and CARDIOVASCULAR intervals (C3). In true Stoked Style, expect a flow of movement that is creative, challenging and energizing; leaving your muscles quivering and heart pumping. Get ready to push, pull, glide, pulse, jump and sweat your way to a fully STOKED Body. See Class Schedule below

Ride & StokedLX™(Lean X-Treme)

The ultimate cross-training workout for the dedicated athlete. Experience a music driven, intense, interval filled 30 minute ride followed by 30 minutes of carefully crafted conditioning in the Master Class studio. No muscle will be ignored upon completing this 60 minute fusion sweat fest. Master Class studio work is comprised of high intensity training with a strong core focus to compliment the cycling program. STOKED X-training to the max to build the ultimate lean body. See Class Schedule below

Stoked Cross-Core™

Work your core like never before! The newest class in the "Stoked Series", this intense 30min class challenges the core in all planes of motion, focusing on the abdonimals and the sling muscles that connect the upper body to the lower body. With stabilization exercises, dynamic movement, rotational work and isometric holds, you will learn how to tap into the core in a revolutionary way. Get Ready…Get Set…Get Stoked! Contact Kira to learn more.

Stoked Primal™

Release your inner animal in this intense 30-minute conditioning class. Utilizing your own body weight, glide, crawl, jump, push and pull your way to a more powerful, agile and toned body. This is an advanced class and requires a strong core and upper body. Contact Kira to learn more.


Unlock the secret to fab abs with Kira's signature abdominal class. Contact Kira to learn more.

Stoked Uptown/Midtown™

Get ready to bare your arms and abs with Kira's signature upper body and core workout. This 30 minute blast is sure to tone your triceps, sculpt your back and strengthen your core like never before. Contact Kira to learn more.

Stoked FIT Camp™

Enjoy the great outdoors and get in the shape of your life! Kira’s exclusive training methods come to life in this 90 minute intense total body workout that will leave you exhausted, exhilarated and ready to take on the world! Class space is limited. Class levels vary. Classes are held in both Westchester County, NY and Central Park NYC. Contact Kira to learn more.


BFX Studio Chelsea:
BFX Studio offers a complete multi-discipline, cross-training approach to fitness and well-being. At BFX Studio, you will find variety, balance, high-caliber instruction, and boutique-style intimacy. Click Here to Reserve Your Spot!
Monday -  
6:30 - 7:30pm (60min) Stoked C3BarreMAX™
  7:35 - 8:50pm (75min) Stoked360™
Tuesday -  
5:30 - 6:30pm (60min) Stoked C3BarreMAX™
Thursday -  
8:30 - 9:30am (60min) Stoked C3BarreMAX™
  9:35 - 10:50am (75min) Stoked360™


Kira is one of the most inspirational people that I've ever met. In addition to looking fabulous, her knowledge of the body prove her to be an unbelievable trainer. I've never felt so challenged, and in many sessions, so accomplished. Her training sessions are a true head to toe workout that leave me wanting to be stronger, more toned and even better on a daily basis.
- Caren, Private Client and Class Enthusiast, Scarsdale, NY

Its not only Kira's knowledge of fitness that makes her special, but her desire and ability to impart that knowledge to her clients and empower them to step up their game. She designs her class and keeps redesigning her class to build upon the strength and endurance gained from week to week. And she never let's up!
Not running fast enough... she makes you run faster.
Not lunging deep enough... she makes you lunge deeper.
Not feeling the pain... she makes you shake and cringe!
You always leave class with a puddle of sweat beneath your feet and the desire to do it all again.
- Alysha, Private Client and Class Enthusiast, New York, NY

Kira takes personal training to a whole new level. I've never been in such good shape in my entire life as I am now since training with her. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and professional, but she makes working out incredibly fun! She is truly the BEST trainer I could ever work with!
Lisa, Private Client and Class Enthusiast, Scarsdale, NY

Kira Stokes is the best of the best. It is such a pleasure working with Kira. I definitely, without a doubt see a difference in my overall muscle tone, strength and shape. Kira is dedicated to bringing out the best in all of her clients. She works tirelessly to guarantee that you meet your fitness goals, while keeping you safe from injury because she is a perfectionist with form & truly cares. I signed up for a trainer, but I also found a friend. Kira is reliable, consistent, and incredibly positive. My hour and a half workouts feel much shorter with Kira beside me. I consider her classes to be an added bonus to my day, they are phenomenal! There's no one else like her!
Abbey, Private Client and Class Enthusiast, Scarsdale, NY

I have been working out with Kira for close to two years. At 41, after three children, I never thought I could look and feel so good. She got me back into shape without injuries and it was always fun. She is awesome.
Jessica, Private Client, Scarsdale, NY

I have only worked out with Kira for 4 months, but her energy and enthusiasm is contagious! My body has been completely transformed and I owe it all to her! She loves what she does and it shows.
Holly, Private Client, Scarsdale, NY

I have been taking Kira's classes for 7 months now. My body has never been leaner, stronger or as toned. Kira stresses proper form so I can achieve results without risk of injury. She makes working out challenging and fun! People are constantly asking what I’m doing to have transformed my body and I’s all due to Kira Stokes!!
Joanne, Private Client and Class Enthusiast, Scarsdale, NY

I have worked with several personal trainers through the years and I have yet to find someone who is as knowledgeable and as passionate about what she does as Kira. Her fitness routine is unbeatable and the results I have seen in my overall health and appearance only proves what I already knew...she is the best!
Heidi, Private Client and Class Enthusiast, New York, NY

With Kira, I am motivated to workout harder than I ever have, and I've discovered muscles I never knew I had. I could go on and on, but don't want to run the risk of sounding like an infomercial.
Mana, Private Client and Class Enthusiast, New York, NY

I have been training and taking classes with Kira for over two years. I've tried many trainers in the past, but have never experienced anyone that was so talented, dedicated and fun! I am hooked on her challenging boot camp, Stoked 360 and one-on-one classes. The results both physical and mental I gain from our workouts makes me "Stoked".
Eileen, Private Client and Class Enthusiast, Scarsdale, NY